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Porn has always been a source of entertainment for many people since generations. There are a wide variety of porn categories but Indian sex film category is not that famous amongst anyone, not even in India. Even though India has a porn industry, it is very limited with hardly any famous names.

The unpopularity of indian sex movies can be attributed to a number of reasons.


Filming any type of porn video is strictly prohibited in India. Making of porn films can sentence people to jail for many years. Due to its illegality, not many sex movies are made, and the ones that are made are found to be funny. The acting displayed in them is disgusting to the west and they are usually B grade or C grade Bollywood, Tollywood movies.

These Indian movies usually cater to an audience which resides in the rural villages and doesn’t have access to the internet.


The entire concept of porn or sex movies is a taboo and stigma in India. People are not influenced by the west in most parts of the country and therefore, the entire concept of sex is not even discussed. There is no knowledge of sex education whatsoever and sex is only talked about in closed doors.

This is the main reason why there aren’t many Indian porn stars who can carry the concept of indian sex movies forward. Many Indian porn watchers prefer western sex movies and their actors as the content displayed in them are somewhat watchable.