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Many say that our present day lives are affected mostly by movies and TV shows. Real love comes in many shades. There are many romantic sex movies that either overrate or underrate this relationship.

But there are also few realistic movies which will actually make audience feel something after they watch the movie. A good movie is always said to set that impact on audience.

There should be realistic portrayals of highs and lows which associated with romantic relationships. Of course the style, premise and the chemistry of the stars are important but most importantly, the movie becomes more enjoyable when everything is realistic.

Why are these movies taking over?

We live in a digital world. Most of us spend our time either at our work or on our phones. It is very rare to find time for our relationships. And as said earlier, we take inspiration from movies and stars. When some movie portrays the beautiful chemistry between two people, everyone would love to watch that. And this is the reason these romantic sex movies are taking over.

Emotional aspect

People love to watch drama. And this is the reason why there are so many reality TV shows. No matter how much physical interaction is there between the characters, when an emotional connection is found between them the story becomes much more interesting. The process of the two people finding each other will make the experience beautiful.